Many factors affect your insurance costs…

and there’s no simple formula to determine your insurance premiums. But, there are certain factors that most insurance companies consider when calculating your premium.

Just to give an example of how drivers can affect your business, we had a client with about 6 trucks that was quoted $211,000, but when 2 drivers were replaced, the premium dropped to $121,000! That’s a significant difference, $90,000 to be exact.

This calculator can’t tell you exactly how much you’ll pay, but it will help you understand what will cause you to pay more or less.*

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*The ranges you see indicated within this calculator are for ‘trucking for hire’ auto liability only (not for physical damage or cargo or any other coverage). At the bottom of the calculator, the ranges given for each truck type represent the most common lowest and highest annual insurance premiums.

NOTE that this calculator is for illustrative purposes only, so that you can see the factors that influence your insurance premiums. Your exact premium may vary significantly from the estimate given here. For a more accurate quote, please contact us and we will be happy to help!